How To Implement A Successful Recycling Program

Posted by Ananth Rao on May 9, 2016 9:50:37 AM

Implementing a recycling program in a multi-tenant office building can be especially challenging. As a Property Manager, you are faced with a multitude of issues:

  • How will tenants react?

  • Are your vendors ready?

  • Where do you get started?

  • How will you track and manage the program?

  • Is it worth the effort? (Short answer, yes!)

This post provides you with seven tips on how to implement a successful recycling program. If you have a recycling program already in place, you will benefit from learning about strategies and tactics on how to make your program even better.
Special thanks to JersyAnn Richards, Property Manager, COPT, for her invaluable insights.
USSI Recycling
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Successful Ways To Boost Your Recycling: Proven Tips From A Seasoned Property Manager

Posted by Ananth Rao on May 9, 2016 9:42:41 AM

How do you get from zero to 70% recycling in a multi-tenant, high-rise office building? Find out how the team at Canton Crossing, Baltimore did just that!

In conversation with JersyAnn Richards, Property Manager, COPT.

This post provides Property Managers with pro tips and strategies on how to successfully implement and enhance a recycling program in office buildings. Get real-world insights and practical advice on how to get tenant buy-in,  partner with vendors and get the recycling results you want.
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10 Useful Beginner Resources for LEED Certification

Posted by Ananth Rao on Nov 12, 2015 2:32:48 PM

If you are a Property Manager, building owner or a commercial real estate professional getting started with LEED certification for your building, you are probably wondering what the noise is all about.


This post lets you cut through all the jargon (BD+C, LEED-AP, EBOM, LEED V4, LEED 2009?!) and clutter around LEED and gets straight to some very useful resources, especially if you are new to LEED.

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