Janitorial Services & Quality Control: What Every Property Manager Needs To Know

Posted by Ananth Rao on Jun 1, 2016 5:28:30 PM

Property Managers have more responsibilities than ever before. Should janitorial quality control be one more thing they need to worry about? How can property managers ensure their buildings and tenants are getting a consistently high level of janitorial cleaning service, while optimizing their already stretched resources? This is where the role of an experienced janitorial quality assurance person becomes critical.

In conversation with Christel Pineda & Patricia Roberts, Quality Control experts, USSI.

The post focuses on how property managers can benefit from quality control in janitorial services and features excerpts from an interview with industry experts. Christel Pineda & Patricia Roberts, who have decades of experience in commercial cleaning between them, share candid insights on the how janitorial quality control inspections can help property managers.
Janitorial Services Quality Control
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