5 Surprisingly Simple Ideas To Boost Janitorial Service At Your Building

Posted by Ananth Rao on Apr 15, 2016 11:45:24 PM


If you are tired of dealing with poor janitorial service, this post gives you ideas on how to improve janitorial service at your building without having to terminate your contract.

Do you find yourself dealing with constant tenant complaints about janitorial service? Are recurring billing issues with your janitorial vendor playing havoc with your operating budgets? Have you been feeling like the only time you hear from your janitorial vendor is when you get that annual increase letter? What do you do when you are stuck with an unresponsive janitorial contractor? You could, of course, terminate your janitorial contract, but that is easier said than done mainly for the following reasons:

1. Transitioning janitorial service can painful. Cleaning is such an integral part of a building’s operation that the pain associated with changing vendors, especially if they have been in your building for a while, can be a challenge.

2. You are not sure if switching janitorial contractors will solve your problems. So you’ll be just fine dealing with the devil you know than dealing with the devil you don’t.

3. You are a reasonable person and believe in giving your current contractor a fair shot at improving service. Besides, bidding janitorial services is a long drawn, tedious process. Are you prepared to take on yet another project?


If you are experiencing these problems at your building, here are five ideas that can help raise the janitorial service levels at your building, without having to switch contractors:


1. Insist on periodic joint inspections.

Regularly scheduled joint inspections give you the opportunity to see for yourself what the problem areas are. Even if you don’t notice any janitorial issues, the fact that your janitorial company knows you care about the cleaning operation will keep them engaged in your building.


2. Ask your contractor to share records of hours worked nightly.

The level of janitorial service is directly proportional to the cleaning hours allocated to your building. Ask your contractor to share payroll records or records of hours worked nightly. If your building is getting the hours that it should, then most janitorial problems will disappear automatically.


3. Ask for nightly summary reports (ideally emailed to you)

Proactive janitorial companies will address issues and bring them to your attention before they become problems. A nightly janitorial report that gives you a snapshot of what happened that day not only helps you stay in control but also helps you keep the janitorial company accountable.


4. Talk to your cleaning crew.

Check in with them occasionally about what kind of training they received recently, or when they last met the janitorial company’s management rep. That will give you a sense of how well your janitorial company manages its employees.


5. When all else fails, threaten to bid it out!

Most times, simply hinting that you are considering bidding out janitorial services will magically improve service levels at your building. If that doesn’t work, it is time to move on. Most janitorial contracts have a 30-day out. Exercise your option and bid it out.



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